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the worst three minutes
              After I left mad as can be from super jail we flew back to ultra prison. I was furious at what had happened me taking control over the warden first was ok.  But what killed me was when we were in his bed he let things go on with his evil plan.  How could he have just told me that the ladies were not civilized.  He took advantage of that and I am pissed.
Two weeks later I cooled down I was not mad but I feel that something was different but I don’t know what.  The next month I heard nothing from the warden. But I felt funny so I just think it is the flu or a cold.  Two weeks later I am very sick I feel like I am going th through up.  My accountant thinks I should go to the doctors but I reassured her I would be fine.  So I went to bed two hours later I wake to the vomiting feeling so I dash to the bathroom. After I get that out of
:iconbaileynichole:baileynichole 5 1
why those two blue lines
As I went into my bathroom to see the results my heart jumped, pounded and raced.  Finally the moment of truth!  I looked down the first test showed two blue lines. My heart sunk but the possibility that it was wrong circled in my head.  So I looked at the second test.  Yet agian another two blue lines.  My heart is racing the chance that they were both wrong is slim. And the chance the last would not follow suit.  My eyes filled with tears of fear as I realized that the next minute would change my life.  So the last strain of relaxation and hope slipped away with another set of two blue lines. I dropped to my knees as I could no longer control the tears that poured down my face. Just as another chance to vomit appeared.
I am so confused, what do I do. The questions swirled in my head.  Do I tell him or don’t I.  Do I tell anyone or do I keep this to myself.  I NEED HELP! I said as
:iconbaileynichole:baileynichole 5 6





Wouldn't YOU like to know?
United States
ADD ME AT Cadillac-Blood

Current Residence: Superjail!
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative & Techno
Favourite style of art: Whatever you call SUPERJAIL!'s style.
Operating System: MicroSoft Windows XP Home Edition.
MP3 player of choice: My cell phone sucks. So n/a.
Shell of choice: Seashells. They've got a uniqueness to them...
Wallpaper of choice: Mm... Duckies.
Skin of choice: I rather like the skin on my body, thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: The Warden of SUPERJAIL!
Personal Quote: "Ever since I was a kid I've had dreams of incarceration."
Because of those issues, if you recall from THIS JOURNAL ENTRY,
I have decided to start anew! I have a new account, and am slowly,
and not quite in order[ly], uploading my SJ art to it!

Add me, everyone! <33

  • Listening to: &quot;When I'm Gone&quot; by Simple Plan
  • Watching: Superjail!
  • Playing: with myself.
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew [Mountain Dew]


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kittyfelcon Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2017
If this was Undertale Warden would be sans or Papyrus You decide ...

BTW I love your artwork thou A+
ajkiel91 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
hate super jail.
raddily Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Why comment then?
ajkiel91 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
never mind i like sj is kick ass.
raddily Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Cool :)
JapaneseJackieRabbit Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
You take requests? :D
Cadillac-Blood Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hay, this is an inactive account. XD Watch me here, on =Warden-Warden!
JapaneseJackieRabbit Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
ohhh ok thanks ^__^
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lol C:
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